The Semi-True Story of How Manny Poppins Came To Be

People have been asking how Manny Poppins came to be. So I decided I would tell you my semi-true story of how I came to be more than just a male nanny, but rather Manny Poppins. 

I am sure this has already been written in the history books so it has to be true. 

Manny Poppins Tip: Coloring Using Stimulus Fading Procedure

 Stimulus fading procedure is where an extra stimulus (in this case raised glue borders) is used to better teach the  correct response (coloring in the lines) and then is "systematically faded out."

It is a great way to teach children, especially special needs children, about coloring in the lines, with the greatest chances of success.  Almost like those paint-by-numbers books that use just water, and the right colors appear on the page in the right place.

Manny Poppins Tip: Erasing Permanent Marker

How many times have children destroyed things with permanent maker? Too often!!!  That was not a trick question!  Well, I am here to give you a fabulous tip on how to erase that permanent marker from many objects- from glass to plastics to lamination to tape to many more objects!!

Sit back and watch my wacky presentation of a tip!