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Manny Poppins


Updated  May 16, 2020

I am an experienced career nanny with my education and focus on families of children with Autism, ADHD, ODD, anxiety disorders, sensory processing disorder, and/or problem behaviors,  and am available for all families including those with  unique situations (foster families, single parents, separations, addiction recovery, etc.)  I am willing to work either short term or long term contracts, whichever is most needed or wanted by the family.  

Maybe you only need a  2 to 4-week intervention to receive the tools needed to do it on your own. I am available for that as well. 

I believe all children deserve quality childcare, and all families deserve those who have the education, training, and understanding to provide that level of quality care that their child deserves.  Over the course of 26 years, I have been both a professional nanny and professional sitter to children ages newborn through teenage, all levels of abilities, and living in all family types. 

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About Manny Poppins


Some of Manny Poppins' Credentials

Some of Manny Poppins' Credentials

Some of Manny Poppins' Credentials

· 26 years of childcare experience

· Current Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) registered through the BACB

· Current Registered Line Technician through the Louisiana Board

· Advocate for Special Needs at US Nanny Association

· Sits on the National Domestic Workers Platform Workers Council

 · Member of the International Nanny Association (INA)  

 · Contributing  Writer for Nanny Magazine 2017 to 2019   

· Co-Founder of Southern Louisiana Nanny Association  

· Founder of the International Manny Association.

 · Annual Organizer of International Nanny Training Day: New Orleans 2016-2018

 · First Aid/CPR/AED certified  

 · Clear background checks        

· Excellent Education  

 · Superb References   

 ·  Reliable Transportation with a great safety rating, good driving record


Public Speaking

Some of Manny Poppins' Credentials

Some of Manny Poppins' Credentials

· Quality Child Care in The Autism Community (i.e. the importance of ensuring those who care for your children are properly trained in autism-related fields, and/or problem behaviors, interviewing childcare candidates, what to look for, etc.)


· Understand Problem Behaviors (the possible causes of problem behaviors and finding solutions to reduce (or make safe) those behaviors, understanding the importance of finding childcare/sitters qualified to handle problem behavior).   

· Toilet Training (both the child and the parents/childcare provider) 

Expert in my field

· All Aboard!! The importance of having all family members (and nannies/sitters) on board with the programs, education, discipline, etc. that the parents have established in the home. 

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Some of Manny Poppins' Credentials



· Butterfly Effect, LLC             [June 2016-Present]
Registered Behavior Technician (ABA Therapist). Skills utilized include running trials, data collection, following BCBA created treatment programs and working on goals including problem behavior management, toilet training, life, and social skills, reading/writing, tacting, manding for items, etc.  Knowledgeable and flexible in working with clients of all ages and abilities. 

Private Child Care

· L. Family              [December 2017- August 2019]   As-needed part-time care provider for a 3-year-old (ASD) and 10-year-old (non-ASD). Responsible for providing a nurturing, educational time, using games to strengthen play and communication skills. 

· W. Family:                  [September 2017- Present]  At first weekly now as needed part-time caregiver for an energetic 6 to 8-year-old (ASD). Duties include finishing meals, various activities with the child, preparing the child for bedtime, including storytime. 

· J. Family:                 [November 2015- May 2016] Nine-month assignment working with a 14-year-old child, (ADD and ASD), assisting with education, social skills, life skills, boundaries, problem-solving, and frustration management.  Still in contact with them.

· B Family:  [February 2016- March 2016]   Temporary caregiver for two children, ages 6 months and 24 months. Entrusted with feeding, assisting in play, toileting, and meeting developmental milestones. 

· A. Family [March 2015- July 2015]:   Four-summer month assignment caring for a 5 ½ year old high functioning child with autism, non-verbal. Assisted with anger/meltdown management, potty training, life skills and social, prepping for school.

· Non-Disclosure Agreement  [October  2014 - March  2015]

· H. Family [January 2014-August 2014]:   Eight months assignment, for six year old (ASD). Assisted with homeschooling, behavior issues, kindergarten prep, meal prep, transporting, trips to zoo, aquarium, parks, etc. guiding the child with learning life skills, social skills.

My experience goes back to 1993 so I will not be listing more but please feel free to inquire. 

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